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Coming up this week...

Updated: Feb 5

Exciting news!

We are starting a few new ventures, first up is: The Loudor Afternoon Tea Talks!

We will be 'spilling the tea' on what's happening at The Loudor, discussing current news events and any other random things that pop up while devouring our delicious afternoon tea. Showcasing both our English as well as Asian-fusion afternoon tea which features Bao buns.

It will be hosted by the manager, Vincent, with various guests like his beautiful wife, Beth, or his mother, Wendy, who if you have visited The Loudor previously you will have had the pleasure of meeting.

The series is slightly an excuse to eat the scrumptious scones Wendy makes and the Bao buns we offer on our menu (I am looking forward to the week we show you the salted egg custard bun, they're my favourite !) , but it's also to give us a chance to demonstrate who we are at The Loudor to add to that personal feel you get with a BnB, and to get to know what our customers want to see in the future from us.

The talks will be uploaded on to our social media in segments, but full episodes can be watched on our YouTube channel:

First episode will air: February 5th 2024

Let us know what you think and leave comments on what you want to see from The Loudor in the future!

P.S We are also starting a board game series on the same channel to tie in one of themes of The Loudor, so be sure to check that out as well. More details to follow.

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