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Loudor Restaurant

The Loudor Restaurant 

open to the public

walk-ins available, booking recommended 

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Sirloin Steak served sizzling on a hot plate paired with delicious

gravy and chips

If you're in the mood for a steak that's served sizzling on a hot plate, then you can't go wrong with our Loudor Sirloin Steak. Enjoy it with a generous side of delicious gravy and crispy chips for the ultimate dining experience. Come and taste why this dish is a fan favorite when you visit us today!

Black Bean.jpg

Vegan chicken pieces and vegetables stir fried in a black bean sauce

Looking for a hearty vegan meal that is full of flavor? Our Vegan Chicken Pieces in Black Bean Sauce is the perfect option. This dish is made with vegan chicken pieces and fresh vegetables that are stir fried in a savory black bean sauce, giving it a satisfying and delicious taste. Come visit us in our restaurant to try it out for yourself.

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